( July 1996 ) 
at Samuel Backett Theatre 
n Manhattan, NYC 

A Flower of Water - Part 1 
- Two Incense Sticks -

Flower of Water-1, performed at Samuel Beckett Theatre, New York City in 1996 was the first theatrical production written and directed by Yuko Hamada. This production was a three cast member straight play, all by female, set in Edo period, Japan. The story is mainly about Tomoe and Yachiyo, good friends working at a brothel to pay back their families’ debts. Their good relationship takes strange turns with Tomoe’s brothel-departing marriage of convenience, Yachiyo’s love for Tomoe’s fiancé and Yachiyo’s hard-earned money playing an integral part in Tomoe’s marriage. Yachiyo’s prayer at two incense sticks symbolizes the development of the story and the concept of karma.  

Mt. Asagi  

Flower of Water 1

Flower of Water 2

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